The 3 Best Blue Shampoos For Brunettes
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The 3 Best Blue Shampoos For Brunettes

The 3 Best Blue Shampoos For Brunettes

Whether caused by oxidation during the coloring process or as a result of days spent under the sun’s rays, brassy and orange undertones have a way of taking over brunette hair, sometimes just weeks after a dye job. Before calling your hairstylist, try an affordable alternative to professional color correction. The best blue shampoos for brunettes come from trusted salon brands and will work progressively to restore your desired color. Even more optimal is if the formula is sulfate-free, which will help your strands stay extra nourished.

A blue lather can help brunettes in the same way purple shampoos work wonders for blonde and silver hair— it will help tone down unwanted color, and in the case of brown hair, that’s usually an orange tint. “Blue shampoos deposit blue pigments that neutralize the brassy tones which occur from oxidation on most brunettes over time due to fading and exposure to the elements,” says Sharon Dorram, a celebrity hair colorist and co-founder of the Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger salon.

But if you’re wondering why you should specifically choose a blue hue instead of purple, it all goes back to art class. Blue is opposite orange on the color wheel, and opposite colors cancel each other out. This is also why those aforementioned violet-tinged shampoos are best for taking out yellow tones in blondes, since purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel.

Keep scrolling for the best blue shampoos for brunettes on Amazon. All of these will help tone down the brass in your hair in no time and are safe to use on highlighted, balayaged, and natural brunette hair.

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