Sharon Dorram Gives Great Highlights—and the Best Advice
Live your life in color. When you feel confident, you live more confidently. And for us, it all starts at the top. Located in New York, New York.
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Sharon Dorram Gives Great Highlights—and the Best Advice

Sharon Dorram Gives Great Highlights—and the Best Advice

The celebrity colorist shares her beauty obsessions, her favorite places on the Upper East side, and the best place to buy a last-minute gift.

There are plenty of colorists in New York City who can do expert highlights or cover your grays—but only Sharon Dorram is known for giving you the perfect, effortless color you had as a child. And somehow, when it’s on your middle-aged head, that color is the closest thing to instant confidence you’re likely to find without the help of a prescription.

Dorram works out of her elegant namesake salon on the top floor of a brownstone on the Upper East Side. Sit in her chair for an hour or two, and you’ll watch her working on half a dozen women, vigilantly checking their foils and expertly tweaking their low lights while simultaneously fielding phone calls from friends and colleagues, coordinating a rooftop photoshoot, reminding her daughter where her math homework is, and carrying on a thoughtful, engaged conversation about the Broadway season. Mere multitasking would probably bore her.

Dorram, a celebrity favorite, is also a font of great advice and insider knowledge—she knows everyone and she’s asked them all who the best dermatologist in New York City is. We sent her the T&C questionnaire and asked her to spill a few of her secrets.

Describe your perfect day in your neighborhood or your perfect night on the town (or both).

I always try to start my day at home in Greenwich with my favorite morning routine (I meditate, prepare a green drink, and eat fresh berries along with a cappuccino with coconut milk and brain octane oil). Then I drop off both my children at school, work out in Greenwich with Anel from Inform Fitness and come home to take an hour-long walk or go to a yoga class at Kaia Yoga with one of my BFFs. In the summer, sometimes I’ll take a 45-minute swim.

Then at noon, it’s time to pick up both my kids and “MUBER” them to either riding or golf for my daughter; squash or soccer for my son. I would meet my husband in the late afternoon at L’Escale for oysters and a glass of champagne (we love to sit outside in the summer—the restaurant looks right out over the water). In the evening, we hunker down with the kids and watch a family movie, America’s Got Talent, or some other fun family show.

My perfect night on the town is a fun dinner with friends at The Mark or La Coucou, or an early dinner at Sette Mezzo or Vaucluse followed by the theater, ballet, or opera. I love great theater.

What’s your favorite restaurant when you’re going to eat alone?

Sant Ambroeus on Madison Avenue. I really never feel alone because I know everyone there! (I order my breakfast and lunch from their kitchen every day when I’m at the salon.)

What’s your favorite restaurant to celebrate a milestone?

Daniel in New York City. In the country, it’s Rebecca’s or Michael White’s Campagna at Bedford Post Inn.

What meal would you get on a plane for?

Anything with Alba white truffles!

Favorite place to go on vacation (winter and summer edition)?

My favorite winter vacation location is Aspen for skiing. I just feel at home in the mountains. In the summer, I love to go anywhere in the Mediterranean—Southern Italy or the South of France. I also love visiting Switzerland and Lake Lugano.

Is there anyone who makes you feel starstruck?

The Dalai Lama.

If I could only shop at one store ever again, it would be?

The Row.

What’s your favorite place to buy a last-minute gift?

Gorsuch in Aspen, Winston Flowers in Greenwich, and the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.

What’s the last thing you bought online?

There were two things, actually—an Alexander McQueen gown from Net-a-Porter and charcoal toothpaste from Amazon.

When I feel like I have nothing to wear, I reach for:

Soledad Twombly’s silk shift dresses in the summer and my favorite Loro Piana sweaters and leather pants in the winter.

When I need to feel glamorous, I reach for:

Anything from Taffin by James De Givenchy. I adore his jewelry.

What is your necessary indulgence—something you’ll always splurge on and can’t live without?

Beautiful accessories: my Chrome Hearts eyewear, Hermès handbags and belts, Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, Eduardo Sanchez chains, Gianvito Rossi pumps, and anything from The Row.

What is your go-to drink?

Organic Crop Vodka martinis on the rocks and Billecart-Salmon Champagne.

Who is in your beauty black book?

Dermatologist Dr. Robert Anolik, Dr. David Rosenberg for beauty consulting, Tracie Martyn for facials, Frank Guyton for makeup, Gabriele Vigorelli for hair, my assistant for highlights.

What is the beauty product you can’t stop talking about?

Virtue Labs Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, because they are both ultra-hydrating and great for repairing the damage. My new obsession is Virtue Labs Perfect Ending Split End Serum. It makes your hair look and feel 20 years younger. La Mer Moisturizing Cream because it leaves my skin with such an ultra-rich, dewy finish. And Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion—one of the most effective exfoliators I’ve ever used—because it gives my skin such a healthy, youthful glow.

Do you have a hidden talent?

Networking. I love connecting people, and when people are sitting in my chair, I can’t tell you how many people I have introduced them to.

Fill in the blank: People are most likely to come to me for advice about…

All things lifestyle, wellness, and beauty.

What is the best advice you ever got?

When I was 28, Trish McEvoy told me to stay out of the sun and to stay hydrated. Ever since I’ve carried a bottle of water with me wherever I go and use SPF every day.

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