Setting The Tone
Live your life in color. When you feel confident, you live more confidently. And for us, it all starts at the top. Located in New York, New York.
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Setting The Tone

Fabulous In Every Way.

Setting The Tone


Celebrity hair guru SHARON DORRAM has arrived and she’s here to stay. In Westport, that is. More specifically, at DREAM SPA & SALON, where she’s working her magic. A legend in the industry, and co-owner/founder of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger on NYC’s Upper East Side, Sharon’s roster of A-list clients includes (but is definitely not limited to) Barbra Streisand, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Priyanka Chopra, Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet, Meg Ryan, and Christie Brinkley. Whether you desire the perfect shade of baby blonde, a deep mahogany brown or a fantastic cedar red, take a seat in Sharon’s chair. Trust me, you will come away looking like the best version of yourself.

Some of the biggest stars in the world rely on you for their hair color. What’s your secret?

“I’ve always believed that there is no mystery to hair color. I studied art in college and beyond, and I tend to draw from my years of mixing paint color as a textile designer and as a weaver. For my placement of color, I see hair three dimensionally from studying sculpture. Many times when I’m correcting people’s hair color, I explain to them that it takes two visits for them to truly reap the benefits of what I do. The first appointment is devoted to undoing their existing color and the second one is when I really show clients what I’m capable of. My signature is natural color, like a child’s sun-kissed hair, with an opulent or dynamic edge.”

You own a well-known salon in NYC with Sally Hershberger. What drew you to Westport and Dream Spa & Salon?

“I moved to Greenwich six years ago and fell in love with the communities of Greenwich and Westport. I met Lori Dodd, the owner of Dream, and collaborated with her at her Greenwich location for three years, so it was the perfect fit when I decided to come to Westport.”

The elements of summer can be harsh on hair. Suggestions for combating the effects of things like sun and chlorine moving into fall?

“Summer is a great time to be outside and, yes, the elements always affect and fade even the best of hair colors. The ideal defense is to always wear a hat. That said, many of us simply find our hair beaten up after just a few days of sun, salt, wind and chlorine. Using superior shampoos and conditioners really does make a difference. Minimize the use of products with alcohol, like hair spray and mousse. I love Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo and Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask. My beauty secret is to add Virtue ColorKick to all of my colors and in my conditioning treatments. It helps protect the follicles, prevents fade, and extends the life of hair color.”

What are some color trends for fall 2020?

“For fall we will see less highlighting and more tonal all over color. From rich neutral honey blondes to deep chocolate brunettes. I love seeing a fiery redhead, although you definitely have to have the personality to carry it off! My blondes take it a notch deeper with lowlights and highlights which are, overall, softer but with lifting and emphasizing around the hairline for brightness and a bit of pop.”

Are there Covid-19 guidelines in place at Dream, since clients will want to be cautious?

“In light of the recent pandemic, I had to make some difficult decisions on how I would move forward with my clients. I’ve always loved an intimate environment—my NYC salon has only twelve chairs per floor. I knew there would be a need for social distancing in the current climate, and I wanted to be able to give my clients the full attention they deserve. In the smaller space at Dream, I can work by myself with only my three assistants. We’re able to completely control our surroundings. Everything has been treated with an antibacterial, antimicrobial spray from PermaSafe, which lasts up to six months. We take the temperatures of all staff and clients daily, and we social distance with gloves, masks and optional visors as needed. We disinfect the chairs, hood dryers and sinks between each appointment. Clients text us when they arrive in the parking lot and then we text them when we are ready, so as not to overcrowd the salon. There’s no coffee/tea, just small water bottles are available. My first week I saw so many familiar faces from as far away as Florida, Maine, Boston, Rhode Island, The Hamptons, Manhattan and New Jersey. The outpouring of support and the excitement of people to finally have their hair colored and cut has been overwhelming. Every day I receive messages from clients telling me this was the highlight of their pandemic experience—no pun intended.”

Will you be staying in Westport once the pandemic is over?

“I am loving working in Westport and loving meeting so many new clients here. There is such a warmth within this community, and it’s heartening how people aren’t afraid to share a good thing. So yes! I intend to continue working in Westport and, as long as there’s a demand, I will have a weekly presence at Dream Spa & Salon.”

As seen in: Westport Magazine, Sept/Oct 2020, page 16