Red Velvet Hair Is The Perfect Holiday Season Hair Color
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Red Velvet Hair Is The Perfect Holiday Season Hair Color

Red Velvet Hair Is The Perfect Holiday Season Hair Color

If you’re looking to change up your hair color this holiday season, why not make it festive? Red velvet hair is the newest shade sweeping salons, and it’s perfect for wintertime holidays. This burgundy hair color is reminiscent of the indulgent dessert and can be tweaked according to your skin tone.

“People who have warmer undertones should use a red-violet hue to compliment their complexion,” Colleen Flaherty, master colorist, and educator at Spoke and Weal salon in New York City, explained to Refinery29 of the trend. “People with cooler undertones could go either way, red-violet or violet-red.”

Check out this beautiful color on long, wavy hair, as posted to Instagram by Heather Yacenda Hair:

To keep this shade looking merry and bright throughout the holiday season, Flaherty recommends cutting back on how often you wash your hair so you don’t strip the color. You could also get a gloss when you feel your holiday shine is beginning to dull.

Check out this statement-making shade as modeled by beauty Instagrammer @sullyg__:

To make the most of this dramatic shade, make sure it’s customized for your hair type.

“This color will take differently depending on the depth of the natural base and the thickness,” Sharon Dorram, a master colorist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon, told InStyle. “Most likely a base lift is necessary for medium to dark brunettes. Dark blonde to light brown hair can be applied straight.”

Would you give this sweet trend a try?

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